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As part of their community involvement initiative, THE FCA FOUNDATION has pledged generous support to these two programs:  


The FCA Foundation is the charitable arm of North American automaker FCA US LLC, a member of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V (FCA) family of companies. The FCA Foundation invests in U.S. charitable organizations and initiatives that help empower people, build strong, resilient communities and generate meaningful and measurable societal impacts. In support of these objectives, the FCA Foundation focuses on the following foundational pillars: youth development, education, support for military, veterans and their families, and community service.

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Through the FCA Foundation's support, many students in Warren will have access to these programs free of charge.

These plans are part of the Warren Community Foundation’s plans to increase community involvement in Warren, and through its affiliate partner Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce (SEMC), help the community of Southeast Michigan at large. The programs offer not only useful resources and experiences to the city’s young residents, they also serve as an example of a successful partnership between corporate, community, and government agencies. The partnership aligns with FCA Foundation’s goals to support academic and nonprofit organizations across the United States that help students build skills that focus particularly on programs designed to expand science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

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WPEP is a career orientation program where young adults ages 14-20 can study with advisors from the Warren Police Department to learn the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a police offer and explore a career in law enforcement.


The Explorers are utilized at various city functions such as police memorial services, Warren city fairs and festivals and other Parks and Recreation functions. Explorers who have met the minimum training criteria and have exemplary attendance and participation records are enrolled in a Department Ride-Along program.


Topics covered in classes include: CPR, criminal law, police procedures, domestic disputes, traffic stops, arrest procedures, firearms orientation, building searches, hostage negotiation and crime scene investigation.


Classes are offered weekly on Sunday at Warren Police Department Headquarters in City Square. For more information, please call the Explorers at 586.574.4854


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GLEP is a water quality and ecosystem program organized in cooperation with the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority where students can compare and contrast samples from multiple bodies of water here in Michigan. Since 1991, GLEP has taught over 118,000 people about the Great Lakes! There are three components to this program, they are: Classroom Introduction to the Great Lakes; a Field Day on Lake St. Clair; and a Follow-up Classroom Experiments and Discussion. In the first component, the instructor will explain and use the new Aquarium in the Library as a ‘show and tell” tool, on ecosystems. Instruction will include the difference between fresh water and salt water, as well as concepts such as the aquatic food web, the water cycle, the roles of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the effects of invasive species. 


The second component of the water program will be a hands on program, including an educational cruise on the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair, leaving from Mount Clemens. This cruise provides an opportunity for the students to experience: examine plankton and benthic samples, test water clarity, take air and water temperature readings, practice marine knot tying and more. The cruise is approximately two and a half hours. During the third component, they will use the data and samples they collected on the field day. The instruction for this portion of the grant will be done by the staff of the Great Lakes Education Program (GLEP) from Michigan State University Extension (MSUE). GLEP is in their 30th year of programming.

The program is offered to students from childhood through high school.

Fill out the form below if you (or your child) are interested in the program and GLEP will be in touch!

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This program is funded and organized by the MSU Extention Program.

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